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that technology is going to solve problems provide inexpensive ways to provide education, we don'tty there is any evidence that it can do this. >> the goal of the bill is to offer 50 basic undergraduate sources that students can take online for uc, cal state for community college credit if the student cannot get into those classes oven campus. supporters say this would help students graduate faster. >> >> bomb sniffing dogs determined there was no bomb it at kimball high school in tracey. students were evacuated and then sent home, marking the first bomb threat at a tracey unified school in the past week. two tracey high school students were arrested after two notes were found in a boy's bathroom at that school. . >> unannounced visit. an infant sleeping in a car seat and another sleeping in a high chair. police have reportedly assigned two detectives to interview parents as they kin their investigation. >> efforts to hail a cab in san francisco with a single mobile app. here to tell us how the plan would work and when the plan might
. the organization is now partnering with the san francisco citizens initiative for technology. that's a group of 500 tech companies representing 25,000 employees. >> the hope is we can generate thousands of dollars of resources that will go into direct services to help people on the streets. >> they hope tech companies will help streamline the process for the homeless to get services. there is currently a backlog for section 8 and public housing lists. >>> two california oil refineries are going off the market. valero has been searching for a buyer for the refineries. the company's ceo says there is little interest due to california's stringent regulations on emissions. the company says it will upgrade the facility. >>> bart is battling pigeons with a lot of money and little success. the agency is spending about $7 million trying to fight the pigeon problem and keep the birds from nesting inside of stations. at this point nothing seems to be working. spike strips have been put down. bart officials say the birds are pretty clever and they've learned to a
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3